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Welcome to Bloom into Happiness, the place where I guide you to harness a true and authentic relationship with yourself.

“My mission is to connect you to your soul’s light so that you can live your most authentic and happy life filled with deep meaningful connections. Let me be the sun and warmth for the garden of your soul to bloom.”


You're in the right place.

After years of working on self-healing and learning, I know what works and how to make it simple. I get the chaos and busyness our daily life brings, playing all the roles we manage daily. Forgetting to show up for ourselves. I understand the loneliness and frustration.

Would you like to “embrace your inner maverick”?

Are you ready to light your fire?

You're stronger than you think you are. YOU MATTER! But the pressure and chaos of daily routines have got you feeling lost, empty and disconnected.
You just want to be happy, and I am here to support this journey which connects YOU to YOURSELF. Because you deserve to live a life in full bloom!


"Working with Aditi is a wonderful experience, your vibrations will definitely shift positively so I highly recommend her as your healer as she is very skilled, empathetic, patient and kind."

got her groove back:



“I have had the pleasure of working with Aditi. I found Aditi to have huge levels of empathy and compassion. Aditi is an active listener who I was able to connect with on a spiritual and emotional level. I am able to highly recommend Aditi as a therapist who actively endeavours to help her clients”

Annick Knutsen

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Ways to Work Together

You are craving to create a more connected and authentic life.


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As your Connection Queen, with qualifications as a Specialist Dentist, Integrative Psychotherapist and Spiritual counsellor, I understand the neurological pathways of how the mind, body and soul connect. I will guide you to harness an authentic connection with yourself. The support and guidance from me will mean that you will be scientifically guided but spiritually led.

“I just want to be happy.” You are successful, you are driven, you are accomplished. People think your life is perfect. But on the inside, you are just lonely, you are unhappy, and you feel misunderstood. Life feels overwhelming and you don’t know where you fit in anymore!

It’s time to RESET. Through this 6 session program we will take steps to uplift and reconnect you with your soul’s light.

It’s your time to bloom and live your most authentic life.

Soul Re-Connect + Bloom

Soul Plan Discovery + Activation

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As a qualified soul plan Practitioner, I will work with you to activate your Soul Plan, enabling you to become aligned with your Soul purpose and gain a greater sense of who you are, increasing the potential for life satisfaction.

Have you ever wondered what your Soul Destiny is?


You want to understand your strengths and fully connect with your true nature (your soul self) 

You want to work towards unifying your personality to blend with the soul.


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Soul Transformation Therapy brings solutions to these times. It is a truly unique and powerful therapy which works to clear stuck patterns, emotional and life force blockages and bring unity and clarity in to the forefront. As a Soul Transformation Therapist, I am equipped with a method to diagnose the core issue and offer a variety of healing interventions to address this.

Feel ‘held back’ or have a feeling that something within you is not allowing you to fully participate in life?

Soul Transformation Therapy 


Reiki Healing Session

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As a qualified Reiki master teacher, I bring you the very loving and positive vibration of Reiki that can do no harm. Reiki energy is spiritually guided, it automatically goes where it is needed. Bringing you a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Feeling emotionally and physically burnt out?


Your mind and body feel like they need to be nourished.

Crystal Healing Session

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As a qualified Crystal Master Teacher and Healer, I work with the beautiful energies of crystals, which work on our vital energy system comprised of meridians, chakras and aura. The energies from crystals combined with our own energy create peace and wellness in our body and mind.

Want to work on balancing your energy systems?


You want to experience a deep relaxation promoting a calm, peaceful sense of well-being.

Mindfulness Meditation + Angel Card Reading

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As a Mindfulness and Meditation Coach, let me hold the space for you and offer space and time with me to find calmness within. We will also pull out an angel card to bring in any guidance on current matters for you.

Feeling stuck like a hamster on a wheel? Rushing but not getting anywhere?


You need space to get a clear mind and gain guidance on a current matter.

You want to bring compassion within yourself and your team to serve your patients.


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It’s time to embrace and nourish your compassionate self so you are able to serve your patients with compassion.
This one-day workshop will equip you and your team with tools to kick the self-critic out and show up in your practice feeling more confident.

Striving to serve as your best version, but doubting your every decision?!

Bloom with Compassion- Group Workshop

For Healthcare Professionals

— Rachelle Nicol

My sessions with Aditi were brilliant! I went to her to look deeper in to my fear and to work on not allowing me to control it. She gave me space to unpack and vent on my frustrations and took me through some exercises to fully understand where my fear was coming from and how i can work through it. She also taught me some coping mechanisms to help me in the moments where I start to feel anxious about doing some tasks that have been super helpful. A great person with a beautiful soul. I cant recommend her enough!

Learnt coping MEchanisms to navigate life confidently


Aditi has helped me tremendously. Throughout our weekly sessions she gave me much needed emotional support and understanding as well as guidance to work on issues around expressing myself and assertion. She also held a wonderful safe space for me to reflect on past experiences and gain a deeper understanding of life lessons. She helped me heal my inner child, release past emotional pain, and connect more deeply with my inner wisdom. Throughout the sessions with Aditi, I felt like I was on a journey of self-discovery and transformation while receiving powerful therapeutic and spiritual guidance. This has allowed me to shift into a higher version of myself, outgrowing my own limitations and stepping into the world feeling more empowered in every choice I make and every decision I take while remaining emotionally and mentally balanced. I am very grateful to Aditi and highly recommend her as a holistic therapist as well as a caring and nurturing soul. 


healed her inner child and Stepped into a higher version of herself.

Thank you, Aditi, for an uplifting soul plan session! I had never heard of a soul plan before I came across it via you, but I’m so glad I did as I found the session to be very refreshing and encouraging. I loved your positive and friendly nature, and you explained everything so well and with connection. The meditation at the end was a lovely touch and felt so relaxing .

found a whole new meaning to "being your authentic self"


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